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When the echo of Atlantica’s Queen goes missing—a dolphin—a series of events lead to a shocking discovery: the Trident they all knew is not what it is. 

And so is the King who wields it.


The Trident. The King. The Deception.

The Trident.
The Trident is a three-pronged spear, said to be forged from the Earth’s solid inner core. It is composed of the deadliest, most powerful elements combined with a mysterious, unknown component of the waters deep under the Mariana Trench, the source of which had always been undisclosed.

The King.
Through the Trident, the King of Aquosvegna holds dominion over all waters as well as all the creatures of it. It heeds and grants his every wish and command. The powers of the Trident are such that he can control, influence and subdue every single drop of liquid and every organism included in his domain.

The Deception.
But when the echo of Atlantica’s Queen goes missing—a dolphin—a series of events lead to a shocking discovery: the Trident they all knew is not what it is.

And so is the King who wields it.




It won’t be long now.

Grimacing, he pulled at the stem tendril looped around his neck. Its tiny thorns burrowed under his skin in retaliation. It was thin like a yarn, but elastic, as if made of rubber. Despite his enormous strength, he cannot take it off.

It was his prison collar, enchanted by the Master.

But really, it wasn’t needed. Even without it, he would do as the Master had commanded.

To save his child’s life.

Reminded of the reason behind his mission, he shook his head, focusing on the little one. It was innocently dancing with the fishes at a distance.

He couldn’t wait for this to be over.

He can feel his bald head, the only part of his body protruding above water, being scalded by the noon sun. The rest of his person was immersed underwater, his huge, downward pointed ears flapping softly with the current, his wide nose covered by a leaf which made it possible for him to breathe under the sea—another enchantment.

How easy it was to rip the leaf off and let death claim him.

But he had to think of his child. He had to make sure his life was spared first. Then and only then will he welcome death. Again.

This time, hopefully, permanently.

He had been here since sunrise, waiting patiently for the little one to arrive, his sturdy, thick legs planted firmly on the ocean floor, his breathing even and without sound.

The Master had told him the group usually arrived when the sun’s shadow was at its shortest, at the hottest time of the day, when humans almost never dared venture into the seas. For weeks now, the entourage had been trooping to this place, the deepest part of the ocean, gathering the perfect black pearls inside small oysters nested in deep orange corals—treasures of the sea coveted by humans and Aquaeans alike.

He had been told his prey liked to swim away to explore the surroundings, leaving its owner who remained inside her carriage, beautiful and regal, her servants obeying her every command.

He can see it more clearly now, swimming a few feet away from him. The little one was playing hide and seek with the tiny fishes, savoring the time it spent away from under its mistress’ watchful eyes. Bursts of freedom, relished and appreciated.

Freedom. How he longed for freedom.

His arm stretched forward, his hand holding the iron cage over the little one.

It didn’t notice him, as he expected. He dropped the cage, capturing the dolphin. Before it can squeal for help, it disappeared in a flash, along with the cage.

It meant the Master had seized it using magic.

He opened his mouth. From it, tiny particles spurted out, drifting, floating into the water.
He waited for some time, standing still, breathing evenly. Then, with a heavy heart, he tapped his prison collar once. In an instant, he vanished, leaving no trace of himself.

diverse, cross-genre fiction

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