Can the worlds of AI and the Manananggal co-exist?

In a city where AI-powered technology is the way of life, my sister has gone missing.

When I finally found her, she is not the same person anymore.

She is broken in spirit, damaged beyond repair, unable to come home.

I have to bring her home to make her whole again.

But how do we defeat the powerful forces of science and innovation that prevent us from escaping?

Can the tie that binds us—the tie that’s greater than familial blood—free us from the bondage of Artificial Intelligence?




My fist connects to his chest before he can say another word. I hear his breath go, “Poof!” before he is rammed forcefully backwards against the car.
He should be thankful I’m not wearing my stealth cat knuckle rings.
The bastard may be taller than me by a foot, but I am stronger and more agile. Nothing beats constant day-in, day-out training.
Before he can fully comprehend what hit him, I pull down his tie and shove my knee, hard, into his groin.
He gasps in pain, twisting his legs and body forward and pushing his face to a level with mine.
His handsome, boyish face becomes comical when he recognizes me, even under the non-stop rain of the dark night.
“Emily, w-what are you doing here?”
I arch my brows. “You don’t answer my calls, Hector. You don’t reply to my emails. And you’re wondering why I’m here?”
The bastard’s jaw hardens. “I already told you what you wanted to know.”
“And you’re lying!” I snarl. “My sister would never do what you said!”
“She did!” He snarls back. “She left me for another man and went off with him to another city.”
“Which city?”
“Lakefield City. A few miles north of here.”
“Who is the man? What’s his name?”
“I don’t know! She didn’t tell me!”
“I’m telling you, your sister cheated on me one week after I brought her here. She bled me dry, too. She withdrew all my money in the bank and took off with whoever rascal she met in a bar while waiting for me to get off work. I’m the aggrieved party here!”
My ears prick up. Why do his words remind me of a similar, familiar story?
“I don’t believe you. My sister is not like that. Are you listening to yourself? You’re the Chief of Police here!”
“Why do you think I became the laughing stock of my men?”
“Daisy loved you!”
“And I loved her!” He screams at my face. “I wanted to marry her!”
My brows arch, not really expecting his answer. I have never thought of their relationship as serious. Or maybe, I’m in denial?
“I already have the ring, you see,” he says, his voice lower but shaking. “I was going to propose to her the night she went off. I wasn’t able to. I went home to an empty apartment and her letter asking for forgiveness.”
“Where’s the letter? I need to see it.”
“I threw it away.”
“How convenient,” I snort.
“I was too hurt! She betrayed me and made me look like a fool!”
“Liar.” I point my finger at him. “I know you have a hand in my sister missing. I can feel it. What did you do to her?”
He fixes a hard stare at me. “Look, I can’t force you to believe me. But you can’t come here accusing me of something I didn’t do.”
“If you want to prove your innocence, take me to your apartment.”
“Why? She has no more things there. She took them all.”
“I want to see that for myself. I don’t trust you, Hector. Never did.”
“What’s going on here?”
The friendly, baritone voice behind me booms.
Hector’s eyes widen when he sees who it is over my shoulder. He immediately straightens up, albeit still in pain. He grabs both my arms and sets me firmly beside him before speaking to the newcomer.


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