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Life throws many things at us, especially these days, when there is a pandemic ravaging the world. Things that rob us of our careers, businesses, relationships, money, time, and many more.

But however tough life gets, we must not let it steal our smile.

Because there is always, always a reason to smile.

Sometimes we are fully aware of this reason, bringing a spring to our step and brightness to our day. Sometimes it comes to us like a thief in the night, surprising even ourselves on most unexpected moments.

Yet most often than not, a smile may be hard to come by. On these times, we have to take it upon ourselves to search long and hard for that particular reason. We have to be mindful and make ourselves aware of it despite our busy and chaotic lives.

This fifty-two-week journal aims to do that. Write down and fill in the blank spaces the answer to the question:

“What made me smile today?”

But that’s not all this journal is about. This is also a treasure box of sorts, which you can open again and again. Read back and remind yourself the very thing that made you smile on a certain day. . . and make yourself smile once again on any day you desperately need it.

diverse, cross-genre fiction

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