The Billionaire’s Widow



~ Toni, Amazon/Goodreads reviewer


"COMPELLING. This is a story that touches on so many levels that appeals to different genres."
"INTENSE. This is a dark, intense, Mafia suspense story."
~ Heather
Amazon/Goodreads/Bookbub reviewer
'PAGE TURNER." Intense from the beginning, Mafia suspense with deep romance. . . Yes, a page turner, absolutely cracking."
"EXTREME, INTERESTING, CONTINUOUS PLOT TWIST. It was a very intense story. Following his extreme reactions, her total confusion and then an extreme and interesting continuous plot-twist. I am so glad I contnued reading to the end.


What if, instead of Prince Charming, Cinderella meets the Beast? 

A beautiful widow, a ruthless billionaire, an unsolved murder, and the Italian Mafia converge in this modern retelling of two beloved fairy tales with a touch of Hamlet. 

A story of love, revenge, and atonement laced with lies, deception, and unexpected twists.

When a new widow becomes the object of a billionaire’s revenge, her ugly past catches up with her, unleashing a hornet’s nest of secrets and conspiracies involving the Mafia. As she is drawn deeper into the web of murder and deceit, things get complicated when she falls for her avenger, and he for her.

But when the truth long denied to him is found to be directly linked to her, will love win over hate? Or will revenge take precedence over everything and everyone else?


Startled by the ice-cold touch on her cheek, her eyes fluttered, her long, thick lashes flitting, fanning her cheeks. Her clouded mind fought between sleeping and awakening, slowly taking in her surroundings. 

The vast room was cloaked in semi-darkness, exactly the way she wanted it. Craved for it, in fact. There was something comforting about the iron-gray hue mantled over exquisite furniture, their silhouette providing texture to the gold edges of the wallpaper’s geometric design.

Comforting. . . sheltering, masking the turmoil of her soul. 

She inhaled sharply, though, when her vision made out the shadow looming over her. 

A huge, ominous black figure contrasting with the gray of her world crouched beside her. Panic started to creep up her throat. 


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