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"LOVE THE CHEMISTRY. Love the banter and chemistry between Alex and Rome. Alex is Rome’s feisty PA. She’s not looking for a relationship with the playboy. Rome is determined to convince her he’s a changed man. Engaging from beginning to end. Recommended read."
"COMPELLING, WRITTEN WELL. Good enemies to lovers romance story, it is compelling and written well. Strong characters with a lot of banter. It has been a pleasure to read this book."
"COZY ROMANCE. Alex and Rome's complicated attraction can only be sorted out by talking openly and honestly (eventually) on a private island!"
"GOT ME HOOKED FROM THE FIRST CHAPTER. I actually loved the story of how they met because it was not your typical meet-cute set up. It actually got me hooked from the 1st chapter. I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to those who love the enemies to lovers trope. "


They lash at each other with engaging, witty banter. But however hard they try, words cannot mask what they really feel for each other. 
Rome Alvez is a disgraced champion race car driver, a notorious playboy, and he’s her stoical Boss.
Alex Hernandez is his efficient but smart-mouth and willful Personal Assistant tasked to repackage his image and bring him back to glory.
He’s sarcastic.
She’s cynical.
He’s a player.
She’s a man-hater.
From the first moment they met, it’s a battle of wit, wills, and principles. Their views and values on relationships are poles apart. They don’t hold them back from each other, expressing them in colorful language every chance they get.
But in reality, both are cowards in disguise, scared and scarred, ruined by people close to them. 
So what do they do when they find themselves drawn to each other despite their differences? They run around in circles and chalk up that “something” between them to just plain desire. After all, desire, attraction, lust, chemistry—those are the same banana, aren’t they? It doesn’t matter how they word it. 
It’s just semantics. Or is it?
What if that “something” between them masks a deeper feeling which they can’t refuse or deny? 
What if fate brought them together to heal each other’s emotional wounds and give them the courage to take a risk on love?  
IT’S NOT JUST SEMANTICS is Book 1 of La Natividad Island Series.
LA NATIVIDAD ISLAND Series includes the funny and emotional romances of Alex, Gaia, Marjorie and Joey in the exotic, island paradise set in the Philippines. All books are standalone stories. They can be read out of order but are best enjoyed chronologically.
Book 2: NEVER NOT YOU, is currently in process.


That did it.

Alex can take the squeaky creaks of the chairs. Or the moans. Even the slurps.

But when she glanced sharply sideways and caught a glimpse of the girl’s wriggling tongue,she’d had enough.

She tapped her knuckles twice, heavily, on the girl’s shoulder, hitting her shoulder blades.

“What the…?” The girl sputtered, turning her head to face her. Even in the shadows of the cinema’s uppermost section, her flaming red hair and the simmering passion in her glassy eyes and parted lips were obvious. Behind her, the guy she was kissing released his hold on her and smirked nonchalantly, his face partially hidden in the dark. Totally unperturbed, he casually produced a handkerchief and wiped his lips.

The redhead hissed angrily. “What is the matter with you? Why are you disturbing us?”

Alex raised her brows at the words. Her temper flared. “Me? Disturbing you? Isn’t it the other way around? First, you sat on my sweater which I intentionally put there because I don’t want anybody sitting beside me, then, you spilled your popcorn all over me in your haste to start a kissing session with him,” her finger pointing at the guy who looked as though he didn’t have a single care in the world, “then,you kiss so sloppily and moan so loudly that everyone here in the cinema can hear you!”

diverse, cross-genre fiction

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