Ione the Sea Witch

In the beginning, there is no sea witch. There is only Ione. This is her story.

A Keeper of the magical plant Crocus, Ione’s heart beats only for Lief, the Crown Prince of Aquosvegna. 

Their love is forbidden though, for no Keeper can ever become Queen.  Desperate for them to be together, Ione conspires with the Prince to poison his father at the Water Kingdom’s Decennial Games.

But once he becomes King, she finds herself scorned, accused as a murderess, and sentenced to death. Heartbroken and with child, she learns to harness the power of the Crocus with the use of a stolen book of mystical concoctions. 

She vows to do anything to exact eternal revenge on the lover who deceived her — but at what terrible cost?




"This short story, which is the prequel to Aquosvegna: The Water Kingdom Trilogy follows the story of Ione, a girl who lives underwater in the kingdom of Aquosvegna. Throughout this story, we learn of Ione’s many experiences of suffering and betrayal and how they lead to the ultimate revenge.⁠ ⁠ I actually really liked that this prequel was as short as it was, because it did a great job of giving enough without revealing too much. Through reading it, I was able to get a good grasp of the basics of the settings and how magic worked in the world. It provided a big enough “hint” to what the trilogy holds, and it was a great preview that makes me want to read it.⁠ ⁠ It also provided a really well-written story. It was meant to be short, sweet, and to the point, and the writing reminded me of how dark fairytales are written. Not to mention it’s pretty unexpectedly dark. There are a number of deaths written within the 47 pages, and it’s rather impressive because they felt spaced-out and not at all rushed. ⁠ ⁠ So, Ione: A Sea Witch’s Tale rating:⁠ ⁠ 5/5 and highly recommend if you like short, dark, and magical prequels that give good previews of the main series. I am definitely reading the trilogy after reading this. "
"Ione: A sea witch's tale is a prequel that completely fulfills its role. Meaning, it made me want to read the complete series to know more about this world. From the summary and the story I read, the prequel is actually telling the story of the villain (I can only presume since I haven't read the series yet) and it succeeds in raising the reader's interest. But most of all, it makes you empathize with said villain. To me, this prequel was a really good surprise because to be honest, I'm not usually fond of stories happening under the sea or at sea. The fact that it actually made me want to read more is proof enough that the author made it worth the read. I sincerely recommend that you give it a go for all these reasons and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did."
"This short prequel whets the readers appetite for future books in the series. -To The Author- You have me on the hook. I will be reading more."
"I loved this well written and developed storyline, it caught and kept my attention throughout the pages. The characters are great."
"It would be difficult not to empathize with Ione who was betrayed as she was. This is the prequel to the books that will be available shortly. This one is to get you excited to read more, and I think it does that. Grab your copy of this prequel and be ready for the next book!"


The hard slap on her face was more painful than the scalding kiss of the molten rock which struck her arm.
Reeling from the force of the blow, Ione wobbled and would have fallen to the ocean floor if not for her echo, Jella. The short but sturdy tentacles of the six-inch gelatinous, transparent octopus braced themselves against her back and slowly stood her upright. “I have you, Ione,” her echo’s voice drifted to her brain, linked to hers.
But her ordeal was far from over.
“Why do you insist on disobeying me, Ione?” Aquilla yelled, her eyes burning with fury. “Do you not respect me as your mother? I have told you many times not to fiddle with the Crocus, and you still do! Now you have even built this place without my knowledge!”
Her head reeling, Ione touched her hurting face. She was certain she will have a bruise tomorrow. Again.
She was no match for her mother’s strength, the Grand Dame of the Aquaean Keepers of the Crocus, a rare purple flowering plant which grew on land and perpetually supplied by their counterpart human Keepers to Aquosvegna, the Water Kingdom they belonged to. Ambrosia to all Aquaeans, the Crocus gave them youth, vitality and strength. It also amplified the innate abilities and magical powers of a few select Aquaeans in the royal line of the Originators. Most of all, it intensified the power of the King’s Trident.
“I-I was just trying out a recipe, Mother,” she murmured, her head hung low. “Surely, it isn’t against the Laws.”
“What did you say? A recipe?” Her mother practically hurled the word as if it was vomit. “That is a human word!”
Mortified at the slip of her tongue, Ione bit her lip. What punishment will her mother bestow upon her if she found out about the book? Trying not to panic, her eyes wandered around the scullery, past the broken clay pots, the chunks of red-hot magma, and the scattered purple flowers of the Crocus.
She inwardly breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Jella sitting snugly over the book on the pearl table, its arms and body spread out like an umbrella, completely covering it.
“Do not fret, Ione. She will not find this book,” Jella’s voice again communicated through telepathy.
She allowed herself a ghost of a smile, grateful for her loyal companion.
Her mother misinterpreted it, though, as yet another blow landed on her other cheek.
“You impertinent child!” Her harsh voice filled the secret, tiny place. “You spoke with Meredith, didn’t you? You know we do not speak to humans when we come ashore! We do not mingle with them and make friends. We only take what is rightfully ours, which is the Crocus! I should not have taken you to the human Keepers. From now on, Aimon will take Merleia in the Expeditions. You are to remain here with me as server for the royal household.”


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