5 stars


~ Elvira, Amazon/Goodreads reviewer

"AWESOME. I loved this book from beginning to the end. Its characters are well developed and engaging and they have loads of chemistry throughout the storyline which made it an easy read."
"FUN,ENTERTAINING READ. This is a fun and entertaining read with mystery, mayhem, and misadventures galore!. Richard and Megan are great characters, likable and relatable. The storyline grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps you reading as you follow along on their madcap adventures. I really enjoyed this story and I am looking forward to more books in this fun series."


All they wanted is a nice, perfect, romantic honeymoon—every newlywed’s dream of celebrating love and intimacy in seclusion.

It seems danger is never far away for Richard Peterson, the son of an ex-CIA agent, and his new bride, Megan, a billionaire heiress.
All they wanted is a nice, perfect, romantic honeymoon—every newlywed’s dream of celebrating love and intimacy in seclusion.
Instead, they get kidnapped, imprisoned, shot at, (almost) fed to the sharks, ejected from a plane, and chased from one country to another with a pile of dead bodies on their trail!
But that’s not to say they can’t find innovative, creative ways to squeeze in some lovin’ lovin’ in between the death-defying, crime-solving moments of their adventurous journey, can they?
After all, it’s still “technically” their honeymoon.
Now, if they can only get rid of the bad guys who kept demanding from them something they don’t have, which led to the discovery of a family secret that was kept hidden for many years, maybe. . . just maybe. . . they get to have the honeymoon they deserve.
HUNTED HONEYMOON is Book 2 of Meet the Petersons Series, a Romantic Comedy Adventure.
MEET THE PETERSONS Series follows the adventures and misadventures of Richard and Megan, from their first meet-cute/disaster encounter to falling in love, to getting married, to pregnancy, and beyond. Intertwined with their romance are humor, not-so-cozy mysteries, relationship ups and downs, and whatnots. All books are standalone stories. They can be read out of order but are best enjoyed chronologically.
Book 1: ESCAPE TO LOVE is about their meet-cute/disaster and subsequent swoony, life-threatening, and crime-busting moments which led to their wedding. 


Richard opened his eyes slowly. Smiling, he gazed tenderly at Megan who was snuggled in his arms, sleeping like a baby. They were in the bedroom, after having spent their first night as husband and wife.

Four months ago, they met under strange circumstances, when he saved her life from killers hired by her crazy-junkie grandfather who wanted her wealth all to himself. Since then, Richard had put her under his protection, having been smitten by her beauty, intelligence, and yes, her quirky temper. Despite their initial animosity and different backgrounds, they found themselves falling for each other as together, they escaped death from the hands of her grandfather, inadvertently putting an end to a drug cartel and its notorious drug lord. Their serendipitous encounter also brought justice to his brother’s death and the discovery of the nephew he had long been searching for.

Each day they had been together only deepened their feelings toward each other, and after the first month, they were already talking about marriage. Their families and friends approved and were truly ecstatic.

At least, their friends on his side. Those rich, snobbish “friends” of hers led by “Her Highness” Melanie Stockton, who always treated him like he’s going to run away with Megan’s money, had argued that they’ve only known each other for a short time and suggested they wait for a year or so before taking the plunge.