"QUICK READ. This would likely make a good movie."
"PERFECT BOOK. For those readers looking for a romantic story with some action, suspense and many plot twists, [Escape to Love] by Mayumi Cruz is the perfect book. Their cat-and-dog relationship helped build the comedic scenes of this action-romance story."
"GREAT PULP NOVELLA. Great plot with quirky characters. If not for some mature themes, I think the story has entertaining elements of a G rated movie. Funny and action packed, as promised!"


A wealthy, pampered girl falls in love with a mysterious guy who helped her escape her killers.
A sheltered billionaire heiress.
A mysterious, protective stranger.
A serendipitous love story borne out of a tragedy.
Megan Montecillo’s peaceful life suddenly turns upside down as she finds herself the target of a murder plot and accused by her own kin of crimes she never committed. She stands to lose all the wealth she inherited, and worse, suffer in prison for life.
Unexpectedly, she receives protection from a secretive but skillful Richard Peterson who made it his personal business to save her and clear her name of all charges. Richard’s shady, suspicious background aside, wild sparks fly between them even as their personalities clashed. 
Scared and alone with no one to trust, Megan has no choice but to depend on him and his four friends, who look up to him as their ringleader. All together they find ways to evade the killers on various occasions as Richard and Megan struggle to come to terms with the strong physical attraction they feel towards each other. 
But what if he is exactly the kind of man Megan is running away from?  Will Megan survive with her life and wealth—and heart—intact?
ESCAPE TO LOVE (formerly titled The Gangster & The Socialite)  is a no cliffhanger romantic comedy adventure with a crime/suspense twist about two people from very different backgrounds whom fate has destined to meet out of a tragic serendipity. This is Book 1 of MEET THE PETERSONS Series. 
MEET THE PETERSONS Series follows the adventures and misadventures of Richard and Megan, from their first meet-cute/disaster encounter to falling in love, to getting married, to pregnancy, and beyond. Intertwined with their romance are humor, not-so-cozy mysteries, relationship ups and downs, and whatnots. All books are standalone stories. They can be read out of order but are best enjoyed chronologically.
Book 2: HUNTED HONEYMOON is all about Richard & Megan as newlyweds tackling international criminals hand in hand with marriage issues while romancing each other.


“Why, oh why, did I allow Fred to take the car?” Megan muttered, reprimanding herself.

She carefully stepped over a puddle of water as she walked toward the waiting shed to flag a taxi. It was past midnight and the heavy rain hasn’t stopped since early this evening. The wet streets of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig were half asleep with just a handful of people and vehicles going to and fro.

Normally, being a pluviophile, she would have relished the battering rain. But not presently, when she was all dressed up in a silver sequined Vera Wang gown and Jimmy Choo stilettos, coming from a charity event hosted by her friend, Melanie Stockton.  She hugged her Alexander McQueen beige overcoat to her body with one hand as the other steadied the useless tiny umbrella, borrowed from the hotel concierge, over her head. Her french bun was still in place, although wisps of hair managed to escape from both sides of her head. Her feet were wet now, and if not for the thick overcoat, she would have been drenched.

Her thoughts went back to Fred, her driver. Instantly, she was ashamed for her moment of regret in letting him have the car. She knew her driver needed the car more than her when she saw how worried he was, getting a call for help earlier from his cancer-stricken wife in Cavite.

Her heart went out to him and his family who had been struggling with the sickness for almost a year now. Fred didn’t want to leave her in the middle of the night at the charity event. But it was she who insisted that he take her car so he can be with his wife as soon as possible, assuring him that she will get home safely by riding with her friend. Besides, even if Fred did not take the car, it’s not that she’d drive the car.

Oh, she knew how to drive. But after the accident,she just hadn’t found the nerve to do so.

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