Excerpt from The Trouble With Men: 101 Ways to Cut a D*ck

But then, my mind clears up, and lo and behold! In my line of vision, there are Neil and his lady boss, Mrs. Ledesma, kissing in wild abandon. From the looks of it, they couldn’t take their hands off each other. Neil’s hands are under the lady’s skirt, while his boss is almost ripping off his shirt. And they’re doing it on top of the car’s trunk. In front of the apartelle’s lobby.

“Wha… OH!…No…oh! He…she…oh!” I sputter.

Thankfully, Gabriel, with quick reflexes, turns on the engine and speeds off from the site. I am shocked beyond words, my mouth gaping, my eyes wide. My hands are over my mouth as bile threatens to come up to my throat.

After a few miles, the car stops at the side of a road. Gabriel leans toward me, scowling, his jaw tense. “Get a grip, Deni. Neil’s not worth it.”

“No…no…not…,” I mumble, my hand still covering my mouth.

I want to tell him that’s the least of my concern at this very moment because I already kinda expected to catch Neil cheating on me even before I stalked him. And after what I witnessed, I now accept there’s no future with him. Even an act of nature cannot make me want Neil back again!

No. My biggest concern now is not to puke inside Gabriel’s car. Seeing Neil torridly kissing and basically fi****-f***ing a seventy-two-year-old wrinkled woman, even if it’s his boss, can do that to anyone, don’t you think?