Excerpt from The Unfaithful Wife

But you see, it just happened. I was enjoying my regular cup of coffee in my favorite coffee shop one day, and the next thing I knew, he was there in front of me, smiling his beguiling smile. With his good looks and charm, he was clearly a man who knows his way with women. But it wasn’t that which caught my attention.

It was his genuine interest in me. He wanted to know me. My thoughts, my feelings. Me.

It was a whole new thing for me. Whereas with you, I would hide what I actually feel, he, on the other hand, would urge me to say what’s in my heart — what moves me, what makes me smile or cry, what angers me. He coaxed me to express myself, to be true to what I feel.

With you, my thoughts are often controlled. But with him, he would encourage me to say what’s on my mind, what do I think, what do I observe. And it would often be the start of our discussion on a variety of topics, of good-natured conversations with lots of laugh and friendly banter.

He empowered me. He approved of me. He let me be me.