Escape to Love

ROMANCE     |     COMEDY     |     CRIME


A wealthy, pampered girl falls in love with a mysterious guy who helped her escape her killers.

Megan Montecillo finds love in the most unexpected place and with the most unanticipated person in a suspenseful background of crime, murder, and revenge. Struggling to escape from near-death situations, she realizes only too late that she has inescapably landed straight into the arms of love.

Set in the Philippines, follow Megan and Richard as they roam the streets of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, hide away in a suburban Laguna rest house, escape to a private luxury resort in seaside Zambales, and finally, come face to face with death in an exclusively private island estate in the middle of the Sulu Sea in Northeast Palawan, realizing that they have a common bond that brought them together.

A stand-alone romantic comedy with a crime/suspense twist, this is Book 1 of Rich Girl, Hot Guy Adventure Series of two people from very different backgrounds whom fate has destined to meet out of a tragic serendipity.

Previously published as The Gangster & The Socialite.