Short Works

My Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poems featured online.

“Something Like You”. Medium/LitUp. June 27, 2018. 

“Song.” Medium/LitUp. June 22, 2018. 

“Coffe, Tea, or Me?” Medium/LitUp. June 9, 2018.

“Note to Sef.” Adhoc Fiction / Issue 145, May 27, 2018. | Medium LitUp. June 11, 2018. 

“Tornado.” Medium/LitUp. May 27, 2018. 

“Eighteen Months.” May 11, 2018. Entered into the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards 2018. Philippines Graphic. 

“The Mermaid Princess.” May 2018. Top Ten Winners, 8Letters’ 2018 Summer Dreams Writing Contest. Included in the Anthology titled “Summer Dreams.”

“Black Love.” October 30, 2017. First Place Winner, Bookbed Fictory Contest,

“The story starts in medias res, which makes it exciting. The pacing was perfect and so was the narrative.”

“Was very excited for this prompt, and loved how the writer grounded the story in a local setting and employed even more local mythical creatures. The reveal of the twist was satisfying and effectively unnerving given how the writer endeared the characters to the readers.”

“Fairytale feel. The voice is delivered clearly. It did not lose the momentum. Fascinating story!”

Judges’ comments,’s #BookbedFictory Contest

Some of my other works can also be found on Wattpad