When the skies are bare and a rainbow isn’t there, how do you find one?

In this beautiful, touching story of Grandpa Choy and little Renzo, discover how a child’s persistent search for a rainbow led to an invaluable message of love and hope that will melt your heart and lift your spirit.

Featuring the breathtaking island of Batanes in the Philippines and lovable Filipino characters, this book teaches us that when we need a rainbow to cheer us up, it may not always be up in the skies. 

It may be much nearer than we think. 


***** (Five Stars). Finding a rainbow is not always easy and they may not always be just in the skies. Follow them as they find rainbows in different places and how they make you happy. - December 11, 2018


            Grandpa Choy gently told him, “That’s a nice Ifugao tale, my child. But a rainbow’s not meant for just one person. It’s a reminder of God’s mercy to all His creation. It speaks of His kindness, of a promise He made, that never shall floodwaters destroy all life again. It means that rain will not go on forever; that storms and typhoons will always pass, no matter how gloomy, no matter how dark. Rainbows are meant to cheer us all up.”

            “Is that why, one look at a rainbow and we suddenly smile? Grandpa, is that its magic, making us grin so wide?”

            Chuckling, Grandpa Choy replied, “You could say that, yes. It does make us feel light on our feet. It gives us hope, courage, and strength — that things will go well, however bleak.”

         “Really, Grandpa? Then I wish every day, a rainbow comes our way and make all our smiles stay.”

          Grandpa Choy looked up at the rainbow, and to his grandson spoke with wisdom, “My child, I think rainbows are always present. It’s just that, sometimes, our eyes miss it.”