Rome Alvez is a disgraced champion car racer, a notorious playboy, and he’s her stoical Boss. Alex Hernandez is his efficient, smart-mouth and sassy Personal Assistant tasked to repackage his image and bring him back to glory.

He’s sarcastic. She’s cynical. He’s a player. She’s a man-hater.

From the first moment they met, it’s a battle of wit, wills, and principles.

Until they kissed.

Then it became a war. A war among themselves. 



(VOTED ONE OF 2018 FAVORITE READS) The female characters were working through their own personal struggles and the relationship itself was a companion story line. I loved the focus on independence and the renegotiation of independence as the relationships developed. This approach to writing relationship dynamics is why I encourage everyone to read ROMANCE!!!!


          “You’re avoiding me,” Rome stated flatly. The statement was silently but effectively declared from the other end of the room.
          Straightening her back, Alex coolly met his eyes. “Why would I avoid you?”
          “Because I kissed you,” he replied with a smirk.
          In the background, Gaia coughed long and hard. She was ignored. Rome casually strode toward his scowling PA.
          “It’s just a kiss,” Alex waved her hand in the air, dismissing his words and his kiss as irrelevant.
          “Are you complaining?” His voice was openly laughing now as he stood in front of her, his half-lidded eyes looking down at her.
          “Of course not.” She gave him a tight smile.
          “Because I can turn it into more than just a kiss,” he countered amusingly.


Good enemies to lovers romance story, it is compelling and written well. Strong characters with a lot of banter.


Thoroughly enjoyed It’s Not Just Semantics. I reacted so viscerally to the banter and the word-games between Alex and Rome.

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