Every love story is not in vain. Every love story has a purpose.

This is the tragic, heart-wrenching story of two star-crossed lovers who were repeatedly separated by a wrong set of choices till the very end.

But this is also a story of second chances. For fate, cruel though at times, has a conscience too. It makes amends in ways we could never truly understand. Because Fate is compassionate, after all. It sets wrong things right. It fixes what was broken. It returns what was stolen.

If we would only take a chance.


“I want to die. Please let me die. Please,” she begged.

Warily, Paula dared to ask her. “Why do you want to die, Rachel?”

In between sobs, she replied, “Because. . . because I killed them.  Both of them.”


She nodded slowly, her thin shoulders visibly shaking in a dismal picture of utter defeat. When at last she spoke, it was in a lifeless, broken voice.

“My child. And the father of my child.”

The force of her words hit me like a lethal bullet to my chest. And suddenly, I understood.

Paula frowned. “Rachel, it wasn’t your fault. Please, stop blaming yourself.”

“It was! It was! If it weren’t for my choices, they would still be alive today! They wouldn’t be dead if it weren’t for me!” Rachel wailed, her hands covering her face once more in shame and self-disgust.

Abruptly I stood up, starting to speak, to tell her that she’s all wrong, that she shouldn’t do that to herself.

But before I can do so, Paula had beaten me to it, speaking to her in a soothing, calming, psychiatrist’s voice. “Rachel, don’t be so hard on yourself. It wasn’t your fault that Jake tracked you down and went to the condo unit, dead drunk, begging you to come back to him. You didn’t know he was carrying a gun. You had no idea he was going to shoot your lover point-blank in the chest when you refused to return to him.You didn’t know that after shooting your lover, he’d shoot himself in the head before your very eyes. And it wasn’t your fault either, that the traumatic events you witnessed caused you to suffer another miscarriage. You are not to blame for the loss of your lover’s child. You did not cause your lover’s death. You have to forgive yourself, Rachel. Nothing was ever your fault. You didn’t kill anyone.”