Escape to Love

A wealthy, pampered girl finds love in the most unexpected place and with the most unanticipated person in a suspenseful background of crime, murder, and revenge. Struggling to escape from near-death situations, she realizes only too late that she has inescapably landed straight into the arms of love.

A mysterious guy helps an heiress escape her killers, unwittingly crossing paths with the very man who had brought him grief, the very person he’d sworn to kill.

A serendipitous love story of entwined lives having a  common bond which brought them together. 


Their cat-and-dog relationship helped build the comedic scenes of this action-romance story. For those readers looking for a romantic story with some action, suspense and many plot twists, [this] is the perfect book. (Book's first edition formerly titled The Gangster and The Socialite)


The newcomer just watched him impassively. The right-hand man of Don Juancho frightened Megan even more. He was also wearing a suit, a tall, formidable man with chiseled features and muscular frame. His face was sullen, surly, expressionless. His hawk-like eyes quickly scanned the room and everyone in it, finally resting on Richard, who returned back his stony gaze for a few seconds.

It was Richard who spoke first, and he directed it at the newcomer. “I thought it was you. I was not mistaken.”

Megan turned to look at him, feeling her fear escalate at what she just heard, wishing that what her mind was telling her is wrong. “Richard?” she whispered.

“What is this? Frederick? Do you know this man?” asked Grandpa Ted. He looked confused as well.

The man named Frederick remained silent as he pursed his lips, squinting his steel gray eyes.

Richard spoke once more, still directed at Frederick. “My job’s done. I did what you told me to do. The girl’s dead, but the child lives.”

Megan couldn’t believe what she was hearing. In a haze, she remembered Richard telling her a while ago that he was a Contractor, and how his face quickly became stern when he said it.

Contractor? A contract killer?

She grabbed his arm, willing him to look at her as she muttered, almost in tears, “Richard, what do you mean? Please, please tell me you are not a killer!”

But he just clenched his jaw and refused to turn his head to face her. His expression was callous and cold, his eyes staring steadily at Frederick.


"Great Pulp Novella" - Great plot with quirky characters. The story has entertaining elements of a G-rated movie. Funny and action-packed, as promised!


This is a quick read. Like watching a Filipino-made romance movie. This would likely make a good movie.