Chroma Hearts is a story that will make you believe in justice and true love once again.

Can love triumph over all—even catatonic depression? Can love defeat everything—even a diabolical evil?

A new bride suffering from catatonia. A determined husband trying to break through the black pit in which her brain escaped to. And a ruthless abomination who will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

Melvin and Erica are childhood sweethearts. Theirs is a love nurtured through the years. Everything is perfect. They are on the road to their happily ever after. Until their love is put to a series of tests: trials of fire. Erica’s mind switches off. She becomes catatonic. Armed with only his unwavering love for her, Melvin strives to unlock her mind and bring her back to him.

But what if the key to her brain opens up a Pandora’s box, unraveling a hideous truth about the crime which they mistakenly thought was solved? Will they be able to accept it—or survive it?

Chroma Hearts is an intensely emotional psychological thriller about a love that destroys and a love that heals.


Fast-paced, vivid and dramatic. Moral compass, family dynamics and most of all, mental illness were explored.  It was a smorgasbord of emotional black hole-forming elements. The whole thing felt like following a crime movie or TV show, complete with mini cliffhangers, dramatic plot twists and flashbacks and wtf-worthy revelations. At the rate my investment was going, I was already practically begging to get to the bottom of it all even in just the first few chapters. Chroma Hearts by Mayumi Cruz is a gripping and thought-provoking story about fighting for love against mental illness, with a side of crime solving. Strongly recommended for those who enjoy mind-stirring and heart-squeezing.


I couldn’t put the book down. You hit the right note with this book. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this fast-paced gripping tale of unwavering love and betrayal is for you.


Prepare yourself as this book is a heartbreaking, heart-pounding and unputdownable read.


Besides the plot, what I liked most about this is Miss Mayumi’s words. They are so beautiful. Artsy. Made my heart melt.
Nikka Mendoza
Book Reviewer


Cold fear gripped me. I was afraid to move. The body was just a foot away from me. It was clearly on the point of death, struggling hard to breathe. Sprawled on the floor, neck angled awkwardly to the left, its face was covered with stringy, thick hair with only an eye barely visible, half-closed, glassy.

I held my breath as trembling, blood-streaked fingers groped and fumbled aimlessly, nearly missing my hand. Slowly, I shifted myself out of its way. To my horror, its fingertips found and grasped my watch instead. The bronze outer casing with the embossed anchor design glinted under the flashes of blaring car lights.

Realizing its find, the eye snapped fully open, its pupil dilating. I stifled a gasp. It focused its vision on the watch, which was literally under its nose. Shaking, blood-smeared fingers tip-toed over the surface of the watch’s casing, then slid up and down over the raised outline of the anchor, carefully, almost reverently. As if committing it to memory.

Suddenly, the eye shifted its line of vision. It flickered beyond the watch. It focused on me.

I almost had a heart attack.

It was looking directly at me.

It recognized me.