P U B L I S H E D * B O O K S

romantic suspense

A beautiful widow, a ruthless billionaire, an unsolved murder, and the Italian Mafia converge in this modern retelling of two beloved fairy tales with a touch of Hamlet. A story of love, revenge, and atonement laced with lies, deception, and unexpected twists.

romantic comedy adventure

Richard and Megan Peterson are newlyweds tackling international criminals hand in hand with marriage issues while romancing each other on their honeymoon.

children's picture book

In this beautiful, touching story of Grandpa Choy and little Renzo, discover how a child’s persistent search for a rainbow led to an invaluable message of love and hope that will melt your heart and lift your spirit.

romantic comedy

A delightful, tongue-filled (!) but heart-warming enemies-to-lovers story of playboy car racer Rome and his efficient, smart-mouth Personal Assistant.

psychological thriller

A new bride suffering from catatonia. A determined husband trying to break through the black pit in which her brain escaped to. And a ruthless abomination who will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

anthology / romantic suspense

Seven compelling romantic suspense stories that will take you deep into controversy and deceit involving Filipino historical items.

crime / romantic comedy

A wealthy, pampered rich girl falls in love with a mysterious guy while helping her escape her killers.

anthology / chick lit

How to deal with either smother-them-with-kisses hot or kick-them-on-the-nuts annoying men? Get some helpful tips from our awesome heroines.

P E R M A F R E E * B O O K S


A guilt-ridden wife writes a touching letter to her husband. In the end, one question must be answered: Should she be scorned, or pitied?

romance / chick lit

Anya Watson finds herself super glued to the barstool in their office kitchen on a Friday, when all her peers had gone home for the weekend. Who knew that of all people, her boss, the dashing Mr. Adrian Banks, would stumble upon her there and end up stuck himself – literally – with her?


A hearty, delicious dinner prepared, cooked and served with lethal love. When love borders on insanity, the consequences are deadly.

paranormal / romance

This is a tragic, heart-wrenching story of two star-crossed lovers. But this is also a hopeful, uplifting story of a second chance in love.

Short Fiction

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Published on The Drabble: March 21, 2019

Published on Medium/LitUp: June 27, 2018. 

Published on Medium/LitUp: June 22, 2018.

Published on Medium/LitUp: June 9, 2018. 

Published on AdHoc Fiction, Issue 145: May 27, 2018 and on Medium/LitUp: June 11, 2018.

Published on Medium/LitUp: May 27, 2018. 

Published on Philippines Graphic: May 11, 2018. Entered into the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards 2018. 

Published on 8Letters’ Facebook Page: May 4, 2018. One of TOP TEN WINNERS, 8Letters 2018 Summer Dreams Writing Contest. Included in 8Letters’ Special Edition SUMMER DREAMS Anthology (Paperback)

FIRST PRIZE, Bookbed Fictory Short Story Writing Contest: October 30, 2017. Published on www.bookbed.org.