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Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen




This Filipino-owned restaurant serves authentic Italian food with the warmth and comforts of home. 

Mama Lou's Special Pizza at Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
Mama Lou's Special Pizza

Mama Lou’s in U.P. Town Center is always packed at any given time of the day, especially on occasions like Father’s Day. It’s no surprise. The owners, husband and wife team Richard Tremblay and Crystal Tremblay-Sison have said in an interview that U.P. Town is their strongest branch, albeit smallest in size.

We were lucky to get a table despite the long queue. And it was worth it!

Chicken Wings

The kids won over us in the battle over appetizer choice. Chicken wings, what else? And they chose right. These were crispy and tasty, without the usual breading found in fast-food restaurants.

Chicken Caesar Salad at Mama Lou's
Chicken Caesar Salad

I had to put my foot down on the salad, though. Can’t pass on the chance to eat fresh and crunchy Romaine lettuce sprinkled with parmesan cheese, chicken and bacon slices with tangy Caesar dressing and a generous dusting of freshly cracked pepper.

(Plus, it’s a sort of tribute to my father, the late Police Superintendent Cesar Cantor.)

Spaghetti Bolognese at Mama Lou's Kitchen
Spaghetti Bolognese

The first to arrive for our main meal is Spaghetti Bolognese. When you’re with kids, you can’t not have spaghetti, I tell you. 

Then there’s Truffle Mac and Cheese, a very delicious dish of tender macaroni baked with different blends of cheese and truffle cream (Mama Lou’s is big on truffles!) topped with melted mozarella and cheddar cheese. Served hot and fresh from the oven!

Truffle Mac and Cheese at Mama Lou's Kitchen
Truffle Mac and Cheese

The pizzas came marching in next. Their pizzas are paper thin and crunchy, crispy on the sides. 

Mama Lou’s special pizza has prosciutto and thin mango slices on a tomato and mozarella base sauce, drizzled with balsamic cream and topped with fresh arugula leaves. It tastes better when you pour hot honey syrup on it. 

Mama Lou's Special Pizza at Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
Mama Lou's Special Pizza

The All Meat Pizza is, of course, a favorite of the kids.  It is packed with pepperoni, bacon, ham and Italian sausage with glorious mozzarella. Delicious!

All Meat Pizza at Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
All Meat Pizza

I love Mama Lou’s Iced Tea. You can tell it’s really freshly brewed from authentic tea leaves, not out of powdered tea pouches. You can actually taste the natural minty tea leaves.  Refreshing!

Mama Lou's Iced Tea at Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
Mama Lou's Iced Tea

The yellow mango shake was a bit tangy for a. . . yellow mango (haha). We thought it would be sweet. But it was gone in seconds, so, no worries. And it’s awesome that they serve it with steel straws!

Yellow Mango Shake at Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen
Yellow Mango Shake

Aside from these, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen offers more sumptuous dishes like risotto, lasagna, seafood and meat dishes, and desserts. Most of their dishes can be shared by 3-4 people and prices are affordable. 

We were a bit confused, though. My eldest son was the first to notice the sign on the outside brick wall which says “Papa Lou’s,” instead of “Mama Lou’s.” He joked, “Now it’s Papa, not Mama.” 

From Mama to Papa at Mama Lou's Kitchen

I couldn’t resist asking the waiter about it. His reply was, they changed it for now in celebration of Father’s Day. 

Okay… I don’t know if it was effective marketing, given the confusion. But I can definitely agree that the food is more than enough to pull people in — Father’s Day and any other day!

Mama Lou’s has seven branches in Metro Manila, particularly in Vertis North in Quezon City and other Ayala Malls. Their main branch is in Las Piñas.

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