Praise for It’s Not Just Semantics


{Voted It’s Not Just Semantics as one of her Favorite Reads of 2018}

I found a couple of self published authors who I gave a chance and loved their work, so I encourage you to check out … Mayumi Cruz’s book 1, It’s Not Just Semantics. 

Weekend reader, Bookblogger

My two favorite books from the week were It’s not Just Semantics and …. In both cases, the female characters were working through their own personal struggles and the relationship itself was a companion story line. I loved the focus on independence and the renegotiation of independence as the relationships developed. This approach to writing relationship dynamics is why I encourage everyone to read ROMANCE!!!!

Weekend Reader, Bookblogger

Reading It’s Not Just Semantics at the moment and I am loving it so far! Hahaha. Banterful romance it is alright.

Thoroughly enjoyed It’s Not Just Semantics. I reacted so viscerally to the banter and the word-games between Alex and Rome. Hahaha. Loved Gaia as well cause she’s such an enabler. La Natividad sounds so magical. Cannot wait for more!


I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to those who love the enemies to lovers trope. 

Jen, Bookblogger/Amazon/Goodreads Reviewer

Good enemies to lovers romance story, it is compelling and written well. Strong characters with a lot of banter. It has been a pleasure to read this book.

Karen, Amazon/Goodreads Reviewer