Excerpt from Dinner for Two

It was the most sumptuous dinner she had ever cooked for him.

After all, it was their tenth wedding anniversary, she said. She wanted everything to be extra special.

Putting out their elegant chinaware and silverware, fine linen and silver-coated candlelight sticks, she meticulously prepared a lavish table setting for a three-course delectable meal she prepared just for the two of them.

It was a good thing he brought her favorite brand of red wine, imported from Italy. Red wine is the best accompaniment to red meat, she told him. Their anniversary dinner was made all the more perfect with the inclusion of the expensive liquor.

Appreciating her efforts, he ate with gusto, relishing every morsel. And indeed, it was the best meal he had in a very long time. Trying hard not to burp out loud, he can feel how full and satisfied his stomach is.

“Happy anniversary, darling,” she muttered, as she dropped a kiss on his mouth, before settling in beside him on the living room couch in front of the fireplace, after pouring wine to their glasses.