Praise for Chroma Hearts

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I enjoyed reading this book . It was quite engrossing wanting to know more with the plot unveiled was hard to put down.

Nadea, Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer

The whole thing felt like following a crime movie or TV show, complete with mini cliffhangers, dramatic plot twists and flashbacks and wtf-worthy revelations. At the rate my investment was going, I was already practically begging to get to the bottom of it all even in just the first few chapters.

…Moral compass, family dynamics and most of all, mental illness were explored. 

It was a smorgasbord of emotional black hole-forming elements.

I felt like there were no loose ties left behind, and that the author was able to cover all gaping wounds in the best possible way.

Chroma Hearts by Mayumi Cruz is a gripping and thought-provoking story about fighting for love against mental illness, with a side of crime solving. Strongly recommended for those who enjoy mind-stirring and heart-squeezing.

KB Meniado, Founder / Book Reviewer

I read this in just one sitting as things got intense pretty quickly. I got really curious and needed to know who the real suspect was. Aside from that, I also loved the 2 MCs in this book (Erica and Melvin). They’re both full of emotions, all brought by that one life-changing incident. Even though the story was heavy emotionally, I loved how the author balanced it by showing the unconditional love that Melvin has for his wife, Erica. It showed that true love really conquers all.

Prepare yourself as this book is a heartbreaking, heart-pounding and unputdownable read.

Jen, Bookblogger / Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer