4 Things I Learned Writing IT’S NOT JUST SEMANTICS

In this post, I’m going to share with you the four things I learned while writing my contemporary romantic comedy, IT’S NOT JUST SEMANTICS. The latest glowing review given to it made me reflect on how much research I did for the book, and how it paid off. A few people might find it unbelievable. […]

Literary Magazines: Their Power and Value

There have been endless debates on the purpose and importance of literary magazines. What can a reader gain from them that they can’t get from books? This article lists 20 Reasons why one should read Literary Magazines. Some reasons are humorous and amusing, but most deserve emphasis. Reasons to Read Literary Magazines Literary magazines are […]

Get Paid on Amazon Via Payoneer

Payoneer is the best option for non-US authors to get paid on Amazon. Majority of self-published books are published and sold via Amazon.com. Touted as the world’s largest retail seller of digital ebooks, an estimated 74% of all ebooks purchased in the U.S. were sold by Amazon in 2015. With this huge market share, it’s […]

CoVid-19 and Priceless Lessons from the Spanish Flu

I keep hearing about the Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it is compared to the present pandemic of 2020, the Covid-19. So I set about to educate myself. In the process, I found lessons from the Spanish flu which can beat CoVid-19. I hope that with this post, you’d be informed as well. But […]

My Author Toolbox

In this post, I am sharing my Author Toolbox, AKA the tools and resources I use as a writer and author. As I am an IOS user, most of these are from Apple. But many of these are Free to use or download — a must for struggling, peso-pinching writers like me.  Writing/Editing Apple Notes. Yep, […]

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