We Are All WIPs

WIP stands for work in progress. For writers, this means a story that is being progressively modified and improved over time. As a writer, we usually have outlines of our stories, a veritable road map of what should happen, and a clear vision of the ending. But there are times when certain characters run rampant. When the […]

Eighteen Months

Eighteen months ago, I saw you outside my favorite church’s steps. You were crying, jilted at the altar. I ran to you, put my arms around you as you wept. Warily, you lifted your face to mine. I kissed the top of your head, making you feel that I will always be here for you. You sobbed harder […]


Falling in love can feel very much like a tornado, don’t you agree?  *** Swirling, whirling Round and round. Spinning, howling Violent frenzy. Havoc–untold–wreaked Breathless, mindless Tangled, twisted. Pulled into a vortex Drowned in passion Lost, gloriously In the tornado named you.  

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