The Unfaithful Wife

2018 Cover TUW
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New Adult: Romance | Thriller | Tragedy

A guilt-ridden wife writes a touching letter to her husband.

Heavily burdened, her letter revealed her adulterous relationship with another man, detailing their moments together and the feelings he awakened in her. It also spoke of her grief and despair over her lover’s death, suspecting that it was her husband who killed him because he knew all along about their relationship.

In the end, one question must be answered: Should she be scorned, or pitied?


“This book was not what I expected! My favorite part of this story was the ending! Enjoyed!”  For the full text of the review, click HERE.

Review from a Twitter follower: “The Unfaithful Wife is a touching story. Relatable.”


“Interesting plot twist. 4 out of 5 stars.” | Review posted on Smashwords, March 24, 2017. To read, click THIS.