Dinner For Two

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New Adult: Horror | Thriller | Women’s Fiction

A hearty, delicious dinner prepared, cooked and served with lethal love.

Tom and Bea are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. It was a sort of a celebration after Tom’s kidnapping ordeal in the hands of an insane woman, Cleo, which almost destroyed their marriage. Bea, famously known in the food industry as the fairy chef, concocted a special three-course meal, plus a delectable dessert for Tom . . . to die for.

When love borders in insanity, the consequences are deadly.


“. . . There’s a great twist at the end!” | The review can be found HERE.

“4 out of 5 Stars. Nice to see Filipino writers on the site. A good effort, although I guessed the outcome midway through. Look forward to more by this author.” | Review posted in Smashwords, March 22, 2017. Read it HERE.