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Review: Premium Harmony

review premium harmony A short story by Stephen King published in The New Yorker. Stephen King is not the King for nothing. Although his style in this story is a bit different from his other works, it just proves he’s a versatile writer who can spin words and emotions in many different ways. This tale… Continue reading Review: Premium Harmony

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“Shortcut” Baking

(This post contains affiliate links. You can find my disclosure at the end of this post.) Baking is a worthwhile domestic activity which brings joy (hi there, Marie Kondo!) to one’s self. But if you’re like me, living in a tropical country like the Philippines, it can be a harrowing experience. My kitchen is small… Continue reading “Shortcut” Baking

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Day 9 #28Letters – WHO’S BAD?

“Mommy, are all people bad?” “No, sweetie. Please don’t ever think that. Not all people are bad. Many are good and kind, caring for others like us.” Sighing, she scratched her tummy. “Only a handful of them are bad. They’re those who are only happy when they’d inflicted harm on others. Do you understand that?”… Continue reading Day 9 #28Letters – WHO’S BAD?

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Day 8 #28Letters – FROZEN EDEN

Like a puny flame, the sun was expunged by the passing of billions of icy cold, colossal meteors, gobbling it up in one fell swoop. When the heavy pounding of snow stopped, Evie came out from under the volcanic cave where she’d taken refuge, surviving by keeping herself warm beside the flickering heat of the… Continue reading Day 8 #28Letters – FROZEN EDEN

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Day 7: #28Letters – VOICES

He squeezed his eyes tight, shaking off the voices inside his head. “Don’t do it!” “This is wrong!” “Think of the damage you’ll cause!” Damage? His own voice roared, towered over them. Did they think of the damage they caused to my life when they fired me for no reason? It’s just the building entrance.… Continue reading Day 7: #28Letters – VOICES

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Day 6 #28Letters: The Window

His feet tapped on the window sill, finding rest for his tired, wind-whipped body. The mother whispered, “Go away,” but abruptly stopped when her child grasped her arm, weakly shaking her small head. In gratitude, he sang her a beautiful song. She rewarded him with a dazzling smile. From then on, the window remained open.… Continue reading Day 6 #28Letters: The Window

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Day 5 #28Letters: Dementia

At first, it’s the little things. A name. Some place. A memory. Then it becomes a few names. A lot of places. Many memories. It’s like, you step into a merry-go-round which has just started spinning, and then it speeds up, round and round and round, and you get lost and dizzy as the objects… Continue reading Day 5 #28Letters: Dementia

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Day 4 #28 Letters : Guilt

She’s gone. Cursing, his knees buckled. He slumped to the floor. It’s Gina’s fault! He’d told her he didn’t want to see her anymore. But when she opened her door to him naked and flung herself at him, he hadn’t been able to resist her. Afterward, he’d been disgusted at himself for breaking his promise… Continue reading Day 4 #28 Letters : Guilt

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Day 3 #28Letters : Buti Ka Pa

Apologies, but this poem that I wrote is best rendered in the Filipino language.  Buti ka pa, naka-move on na                          Samantalang ako, eto, hindi pa.                    Kaloka, kataka-taka Anyare sa ating dalawa? Dati, nilalanggam tayo Bigla na lang naging buro. Bakit kasi kontrabida Iyang ex mong may sira? Binuko ako sa nanay mo Di ako marunong… Continue reading Day 3 #28Letters : Buti Ka Pa

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Of Drabbles and Day 2: #28Letters

This is a continuation of my previous post about#28Letters, a Writing Challenge by #8Circles Creative Community which calls for writing a 100 word story (or a drabble) of any genre. A bit of knowledge-sharing before I post my Day 2 story: Like I’ve said, a Drabble, also called Micro Fiction, is a short work of… Continue reading Of Drabbles and Day 2: #28Letters